The Quick and Easy Guide - Fighting Traffic Tickets and Dui (Expanded Edition)

Do you want to fight a traffic ticket or a Dui accusation? My book can help you take the first steps. This is the Expanded Edition.

Do you want to fight a traffic ticket or a Dui accusation?

My book can help you take the first steps. This is the Expanded Edition.

Why I can help:

I am not an attorney or even an expert on traffic regulations. However since I started driving from age 16 to now at the age of 32, I have been pulled over, many many times (over 20) and I have fought and won many moving violations and lost some too. My experience has taught me what to do and what not to do during a traffic stop and more importantly how to successfully fight a ticket.

I successfully fought a speeding ticket where I was accused of going 102mph in a 65mph zone. I have also successfully fought parking tickets and even a dui charge, After over a year of intense fighting I walked out of the courtroom without any sort of alcohol or dui related charge. For most people this is unheard of.

This quick guide will show you everything you should and shouldn’t do if you want to fight a ticket. It will provide you with contacts for free legal advice and the phone numbers for some of the best attorneys in Los Angeles. (I live in California so I do not have the phone numbers of other recommended lawyers in other areas and I wouldn’t want to recommend someone unless I know that they are qualified).

I would recommend calling the lawyers on my list first, getting their opinion, or advice, or even asking them for a referral of someone in your area. The lawyers I recommend in this book are the best in their area of expertise and great lawyers know other great lawyers.

No need to spend hours online searching for information or calling 40 lawyers just to be disappointed. Been there done that. Absolutely everything you will need to successfully start fighting your ticket is in this guidebook. This is a basic guidebook it will not cover every single detail as it pertains to traffic law. However it will show you everywhere you can go to get the answers you need. Feel free to email me ( at anytime if you need additional assistance and I will do everything that I can within reason to point you in the right direction.

I have included some helpful websites and phone contact information in the back of this book. The recommendations and website resources alone are worth the price of this book.

Welcome to the quick and easy guide to fighting traffic tickets and Dui!

What this book will do:

How to avoid a ticket in the first place

The best websites, phone numbers, legal professionals,
and other resources that you can use to fight your ticket (near Los Angeles, California)

The most important class that you can take to help you cope with a dui,
be happy, and succeed at life

(This class is so amazing I would recommend that you take it even if you don’t ever receive a dui or even a parking ticket)

How to fight a ticket without the pressures of a court room

How to fight a Dui and win

What to do after a Dui if you want to keep your license

How to cope with the accusation of a Dui

How to fight a traffic ticket

How to fight a parking ticket

Give you all necessary information on how to fight a traffic ticket including additional websites to aid you in your research

How you can fight a ticket a second time even after being found guilty if you use this one important tactic

How to receive free legal advice from a qualified lawyer

8 easy tips to avoid being pulled over in the first place

Why now is the best time to fight a ticket and why you should fight.

How to win a speeding ticket no matter how fast you were traveling.

Recommended legal help (California only)
Absolutely the best defense professionals

Important websites that may save your ass!
This section is worth the price of this book alone

What to do if you are pulled over and how your actions can determine your chances of success

How I fought a speeding ticket for going 102 in a 65 and won and how you can do the same.

What this book will not do:

Fighting a traffic ticket is a long and difficult process where you will feel that the whole world is against you. There is no magic bullet to winning and only with proper detailed notes, photos, patience, and hard work can you succeed. You must do plenty of research, use the rules of the court, and cite case law or regulations (vehicle code etc.). But keep in mind that 97% of people do not stand up and fight a ticket. Even then you are not guaranteed of success.

Therefore just by fighting the ticket and through hard work you will separate yourself from the pack and stand out from the others. This will improve your chances. It is very important that you contact the lawyers in this book for further assistance to your typical situation. If you want to fight you should buy this book but if you would rather just plead guilty and pay the fine I do not see how this book can help you.

This book is a general guide about the process of fighting a traffic ticket. The book covers the basic things to do when fighting a ticket. Additional websites and phone contacts are mentioned in this book.

It is advised that you review all the information in this book and conduct additional research as it pertains to your situation.

Your situation will vary to examples and techniques used in this book. I am not offering any legal advice and you should consult with a legal professional as it pertains to your specific situation.


You are responsible for your own actions and the consequences of those actions. I am not liable for anything that you do. I am not an attorney and I am NOT offering legal advice. Your individual situation may differ from examples in this book. Results may vary. This book is for informational purposes only and is not intended to answer every question as it relates to traffic rules and regulations. Many examples are taken from my personal experiences in California and it is likely that your situation may be different. Whenever possible you absolutely should consult with a lawyer even for minor violations. And since just about any lawyer will give you up to an hour (sometimes less) of their time for FREE there is no reason why you shouldn’t call one.

Please consult the advice of a professional lawyer if needed.

All information is current at the time of this writing however policy and regulations change often and it is in your best interest to do proper research. I am not liable for any legal or personnel hardships that you may face. Again when in doubt ask a lawyer.

Most lawyers in any legal practice will allow you a free consultation between twenty minutes to an hour and I advise you to consult with several of them as in pertains to your specific situation. Past results not an indication of future performance.

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